Jon Ochoa

Jon Ochoa

Senior Software Engineer - Design Technologist


Having always worked on customer facing features and product areas has taught me that usability and UX are the most important aspects of any product. I’m seeking a position that will allow me to work with an energetic team to build delightful responsive user experiences using modern technologies that solve real customer problems.


IntuitSenior Software Engineer

2015 – Present
  • codeLead instructor for Intuit Front-End deep dive.
  • codeHelped develop a deep dive front-end curriculum for incoming engineers.
  • codePartnered with various teams in India and the United States to help lead, consult and mentor on front-end engineering objectives and best practices.
  • codeIntroduced front-end tooling including Node with Gulp, Webpack, PostCSS and SASS.
  • codeIntroduced the the front-end stack using React, and integrated the UI with backend data points.
  • codeDefined well formed RESTful APIs to separate the UI from the backend data systems for an internal link shortening tool using AWS.
  • codeDeveloped an abstraction layer to Google Search Appliance (GSA) to allow for a back-end agnostic front-end which included people search and autocomplete.
  • codeDeveloped custom UI components based on specifications from user experience designers.
  • codeHelped the development team implement an Agile process to better organize and track project features, and to understand project velocity.
  • codeMentored Junior Engineers in front-end techniques and technologies.

Independent Contractor

2000 – 2015
  • codeCoded and built Drupal websites including a commerce solution for drama school which allowed them to bring in revenue from ticket purchases and donations.
  • codeTrained companies to perform maintenance and updates of Drupal sites saving them the cost of a part time Engineer.

TopixFront-end Engineer

2013 – 2015
  • codeDeveloped the responsive front end for Topix’s Stars and Offbeat, both high visibility websites which helped bring in from $5000 to our highest $45,000 a day.
  • codeDeveloped a front end tool that interfaced with Topix data servers and Facebook’s ad network which allowed our marketing team to bid and buy ads on Facebook saving the company ~$10,000 a month.
  • codeDeveloped the front-end for an editorial team to write multi-question quizzes complete with an image uploading tool for each question.

FigFront-end Engineer

2012 – 2013
  • codeHelped Design and developing a mobile-first platform for holistic wellness coaching, tracking, and accountability, on IOS and Android platforms.
  • codeFrom a Photoshop file developed the front and back end of main site using Drupal.
  • codeDeveloped a front end application using the Sencha HTML5 platform with SASS and Compass.


Intuit Open Source siteSoftware Engineer

  • codeReact, Styled Components, IntuitAppFabric
  • codePartnered with the Intuit's Open Source team to lead/build/mentor the front-end objectives and best practices for the open source website.

One Intuit Technology FrameworkSoftware Engineer

  • codeReact, Redux, D3, SASS, GraphQL, Apollo, Node JS
  • codePartnered with the Intuit's technology team helped standardize data structure and coded a reusable framework to display data trends for various Intuit Technologies and groups.

One Intuit Forum DashboardSoftware Engineer

  • codeReact, Redux, D3, SASS, GraphQL, Apollo, Node, Express
  • codePartnered with Intuit's Finance team and lead the front-end engineering objectives of building a single page application for Intuit's CEO staff, which included D3 graphs demonstrating financial trends and declines with realtime commentary.

'A day in the life' functional onboarding appSoftware Engineer

  • codeReact, Redux, SASS
  • codePartnered with the Intuit's hiring engineering team to help build a training app that allowed newly hired engineers to hit the ground running.

T4I Password PortalSoftware Engineer

  • codeReact, Redux, SASS, Node, Express
  • codePartnered with the Intuit's India team to help build an internal password portal which helped tackle one of the contingent workers biggest road blocks.

Intuit InsightFront-end Engineer

  • codeAngular, React, Javascript, SASS, Webpack, Gulp
  • codeCoded all front-end components of Intuit's intranet.

Intuit Link ShortenerFull Stack

  • codeAmazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, ClaudiaJS, Angular, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • codeCoded the API's for a link shortner using AWS technologies with an Angular front-end

Topix Facebook Ad Buying ToolFront-end Engineer

  • codeAngularJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Compass,Foundation
  • codeDeveloped a tool that interfaces with Topix data servers and Facebooks ad network which allowed our marketing team to bid and buy ads on Facebook.

Topix Quiz Editor

  • codeAngularJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Compass
  • codeDeveloped the front-end for an editorial team to write multi-question quizzes complete with an image uploading tool for each question.,, politix.topix.comFront-end Engineer

  • codeFoundation, HTML, CSS and JQuery
  • codeCoded High visibility forward facing sites of Topix’s Stars and Offbeat, that see thousands of users every day Full-stack Engineer

  • codeDrupal, HTML5, CSS and JQuery, PHP
  • codeFor both projects, I was given a Photoshop file and content. Built each site Using Drupal for front and back end.