Jon Ochoa


These are just some random projects I have built to learn/test different front-end technologies.

One evening, my son and I were playing Candy Land. At some point, it occurred to me, some cards were missing. Earlier that day, I had watched a video about Recoil . I have been using redux for a couple years now and I wanted to try Recoil. A couple hours later, this was the result.

I came across this video of David Khourshid The thought that you could never send actions or run methods if you aren't in the right state was a game changer for me. Xstate quickly became my go to package for handling UI states. Admittedly, these aren't much to look at.

I wanted to learn about react-query and I came across a US presidents API so, I figured why not. I joined the API up with Wikipedia so you can click on a presidents name and a vice presidents name to get their info. My hope is this will help someone learn about the presidents.

I have always been a curios individual with a head full of useless information. I have found in life that useless info comes in handy when it comes to trivia. So, I looked around for a trivia API anf I came across the Open Trivia Database . I can now put my useless information to the test.

I always love learning new things, so explore with me each state the United States of America. You will learn about the population, largest city, etc. As with the Presidents module, you can click on the name and it will take you to that states Wikipedia page.

I wanted to take this a step further and show the current time in each country. However, while working with this API, I spent hours trying to figure out why I couldn't get Australia to show correctly. It turns out the API has an error in the timezone offset.

Keeping up skills is always a good thing. Front end mentor has some great challenges to do just that.

Keeping up skills is always a good thing. Front end mentor has some great challenges to do just that, this one is the planets challenge